Healing wounds & cuts

Healing A Wound

Dragon’s blood primary use is in healing wounds, cuts, bruises, insect bites and everything else you can experience in the Amazon rainforest of Latin America. The indigenous people of the Amazon refer to it as the “liquid bandage” because of the unique characteristic of the resin that creates a latex layer over the wound or cut which then helps the body stop the bleeding and rapidly close the cut. The resin is so effective that in a matter of 2-3 hours you will notice a disinfected, clean and closed cut.

Studies show that dragon’s blood resin serves as a cicatrizant* and coagulant substance. It stimulates contraction of the wound, helps in the formation of the crust and regenerates the skin quickly by helping to form collagen (protein).

Noted author and ex-USDA economic botanist Dr. James Duke Says “I like the comments on dragon’s blood,…..the whole dragon’s blood was shown to speed healing four times faster.” and adds I use dragon’s blood when I get cuts or abrasions in tropical Peru.”  The Green Pharmacy, by James A. Duke

Dragon’s blood is the #1 skin healing agent in the rainforest area and the local people of the Amazon consider it to be the most valuable substance in their first aid kit.

The awareness for this unique resin is growing and more people are getting familiar with the magical properties of the “liquid bandage”. The fact that the resin is organic and can be used on a broad range of conditions makes it highly valuable and the best home remedy for wounds, cuts, bites, burns and other skin related conditions.

Healing a wound with Dragon’s Blood

Healing a wound or cut with dragon’s blood is very easy and most effective. You simply apply the sap over the wound or cut and gently rub it on the skin. After a few seconds you will feel how the resin turns into a white latex layer covering the area and protecting it. Few more seconds and the “bandage” will dry and you will enjoy a disinfected cut that will heal 4 times faster than any other substance applied. Repeat the process several times as needed.


*Cicatrizant: A cicatrizant is the term used to describe a product that promotes healing through the formation of scar tissue.


Cutting the tree to extract the dragon's blood sap

Cutting the tree

Collecting the extracted sap from the tree in the Amazon rainforest

Collecting the resin








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