Dragon’s Blood  is a natural tree resin also known as Sangre de drago or “Blood of the Dragon”. It is extracted from a medium size tree that grows in the Amazonian regions of South America.

The curative powers of this thick sap are well known by the indigenous tribes around the Amazon rainforest and is considered to be the most effective herbal medicine in that area. The natives apply the resin on their skin to help stop bleeding, disinfect wounds and promote healing of almost any skin problem they have. Dragon’s Blood sap is a very strong coagulant and so promotes the coagulation of blood and helps the blood as it works to create clots. It has a variety of uses, and many of them directed toward its coagulant properties.

In tribal medicine it is used both topically and orally to heal wounds and cuts, stomach ulcers burns, mouth ulcers, insect bites, rash and more. The sap is also believed to be useful as an anti-herpes agent and many centuries ago it was used as a tooth paste to maintain clear white teeth. The antiseptic resin dries quickly, forming a seal over wounded skin to prevent infection and allows the skin to heal faster.
The wound healing abilities of Dragon’s Blood resin are attributed to its active ingredients: a lignan called dimethylcedrusine, an alkaloid called taspine and proanthocyanadins (antioxidants). Taspine has been shown to have anti-inflammatory and cicatrizing properties. Studies have also shown that the resin helps to contract the wound and to form a crust at the wound site, assist in the formation of collagen and regenerate skin cells.
This unique combination of anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and cicatrizing properties make this resin an exceptional ingredient in formulations intended for healing skin abrasions, wounds, cuts, burns, acne, eczema, herpes, rashes, bleeding gums etc.

Dragon’s blood has been around for many centuries and was traded frequently between the continents. Few centuries ago (1403 A.D.) it was a very popular medicine which was prescribed by Doctors and Shamans and its commercial value was so high that it was paid for with gold coins. Unfortunately, the great demand for the unique resin caused the eradication of many trees and with no planning for the future, the dragon’s blood market was suddenly a trend of the past. (read the history and full description of dragon’s blood on our Background page)

Today, when modern medicine products filled with chemicals are manufactured and sold for the sake of making money, dragon’s blood natural resin is once again worth more than gold. The indigenous people of the Amazon rainforest have known that for many many years but now it is time to spread the word and let other people know about the fantastic healing properties of Sangre de drago.

The resin is deluded with 1% alcohol to keep it from drying and forming clots. It will stain cloths and fabrics permanently.

Dragon’s Blood Properties

• Antiseptic Map of Loreto region in Peru
• Anti-herpes
• Anti-inflammatory
• Rich in Proanthocyanadins (antioxidants)
• Contracts and Seals Wounds
• Cicatrizing
• Assists in Skin Regeneration
• Prevents Infection

Dragon’s Blood is recommended to use on:

• Wounds
• Burns
• Rash
• Eczema, Psoriasis and Other Skin Conditions




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